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road trip
this last weekend me and panger and fire lupine had a drive to fires house witch was down in virginia were we droped him off and thne me and panger went down to north carolina it was a very good trip but was very long we arived like at 3 am at his mothers house we got alot of his stuff packed up and left after puting a tarp on the back of the turck over the matress after a little wile we had to pull over becase the tarp was geting loss then we fixed it we pulled over after 30 more minuts then about an hour later we heard it moveing again but when we went back to look nothing was moveing but when i got up on top i noticed we now had two tarps the first tarp slit in two so we thought ok it will be fine for a 3 hour drive to fires house so we keeped driveign and all the suden the mattress cought the wind and bent in a l shape not coming loss form the bed but still prity wired looking but then we made it to fires house and got every things fixed we made it back in to pa around 10 and got back to glioths house around 11 and i was so happy to find a bed hehe


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